Sunday, March 23, 2014

We'll I am back blogging after several life-changing events over the last 2 years!!
Granddaughter born ... Deaths of  my mother-in-law and my 98 years "young" Dad ... 
Moving down Island close to our wonderful little granddaughter ...
" ... And what more shall I say about ... "

back to blog
I am really anticipating and excited about the soon to be published ESV Psalter by Crossways.
The PDF sampler of Psalms 1-11 looks absolutely wonderful and very enticing to not only ask for a review copy but also to ask that all150 Psalms be available for those who get the Psalter as they are fantastic when printed out.
Especially for preaching wide-margin all around the PDF print!!
I have just begun preaching through the book of Psalms with my dear folks and congregants on Thetis Island and so want to promote and use this ESV PSALTER! We are going to study, meditate and preach on Psalm 3 next. 
My Mind maps of each of the Psalms will be available here.

So ... I am going to request a review and promotion copy from Crossway Publishers.
I'll post next as soon as I hear from them or receive my copy of the Psalter. Also I will link to the PDF sampler they provide.
We'll worth your looking and getting it!