Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bible Arc-ing

I have started using another magnificent program for studying and analyzing the Scriptures. It is based on the principles taught by Fuller Seminary's Emeritus Professor, Dr. Daniel Fuller and espoused by others such as Dr. John Piper. The website is http://www.biblearc.com/
Try it out, see what amazing things you can do and discover from the Bible passage you are studying, and then support Andy, the seminary student who designed the program that got this resource online! Thanks to Andy, we can all benefit from Professor Fuller's approach even if we didn't complete our Seminary Studies from Fuller Seminary!
If only ScriptureDirect [ http://www.scripturedirect.com referred to and linked in a previous entry on this blog] and BibleArc could combine their approaches into one program - wow would that make NT studies and exegesis rock [and roll]!

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