Saturday, March 21, 2009

BibleSoft's PC Study bible and NA27 Greek Morphological NT

I have over the last month been using BibleSoft's PC Study bible version 5 which I bought at Christian Books and Music in Victoria. After installing it in my PC I not only began to realize some of the benefits of this program but also, after registering it, found out about and add-on that I thought would be very helpful. It is the NA27 Morphological Greek NT. If you go to their website you will see the promo page for this product.
When I did this, back in February 2009, I was so intrigued with the fact that it would pronounce the Greek New Testament for me, that I purchased the add-on. It arrived in early March and while I was most pleased with much of what it could do, I couldn't get it to pronounce the Greek NT that came with it. It would pronounce the root words of the words in the Scripture text I was studying, but not the form that I saw on the page.
I contacted technical support about this, and found out that yes, sadly, what the product was advertised as its audible capability, was not at this point of the program, able to do that [even though their webpage promo said it would]. Due to my concerns and pointing out of the misinformation on the page, the specs page of the add-on has in some parts now been changed so that potential customers are made aware of the fact that the product with give pronunciations but only of the lexical form lemma/root word and not of the exact scripture text. BibleSoft have taken steps to make descriptions of this product clear in lieu of my comments.
I also contacted the company's Direct Marketing Manager, Rick Krekel and was dealt with in a very helpful, professional, quickly responsive and Christian manner. My monies were returned and I was thanked for making the company aware that the program couldn't do what it was advertised as being able to do.In my communication with him, I said that I would review aspects of the version 5 program on this blog page and talk about the add-n.
I was emailed by Customer Service within hours of the most recent communications and shown that my monies had been returned.
Bouquets of roses and Kudos to BibleSoft and their staff for all their help.
As I mentioned to Rick, I look forward to receiving news of a new upgrade that will do, in terms of pronunciation what the product was originally advertised as being capable of doing.
When that happens and I am able to put the update on my computer, then I shall be doing a full review of BibleSoft's NA27 Morphological Greek NT. I anxiously await this development.

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