Monday, June 21, 2010

The Inclusive Bible

Well, after being away from my site for many months, I am now intent and inspired to begin blogging again. I have just received the Inclusive Bible published by Altamira Press [an imprint of Rowman and Littleford] by Priests for Equality. Since I am going to be reviewing the translation on my site, I was fascinated by the info on the verso of the Title page that shows an ISBN for an eBook edition of this translation.
I have now tried several ways in which to get this eISBN noted and have met with no success so far, but through the process have been put in contact with a very helpful person who works at Rowman and Littleford. She is going to try to find a way for me to get the eBook version which shows on their site as being available for purchase. But trust me - at this point it doesn't seem to be even though you can go through all the screens to purchase it, it still seems that it is the hard copy book that you are purchasing.
But hang in there as Lynsey is going to see how I might be able to get the download so that I can as I have hoped write a review of the eBook version in my blog at the same time that I am reading and reviewing the hard copy version.

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